"100 Best Class" Award
for "Digital Innovation"

Valore Associati received the prestigious “100 Best in Class” award, ranking among the top three companies par excellence for the “Digital Innovation” category in its Profession, selected by Euroconference and TeamSystem, with the support of Forbes Italia.

“100 Best in Class” is the initiative promoted by Euroconference and TeamSystem with the support of Forbes that aims to promote and reward the 100 most distinguished Italian Chartered Accountants and Labour Consultants, Professionals capable of innovating, looking to the future and creating value not only for their own firm, but also the Italian economy.

We are proud to be part of this selection: contributing to and innovating our Profession is an incentive that drives us day after day to look to the future with enthusiasm and perseverance. The award ceremony was held at the end of the event “The Professions scenario: today and tomorrow”, promoted by TeamSystem and The European House-Ambrosetti, animated by concepts such as digital transformation, innovation and new challenges, which, as Professionals, we are all very excited about.

The future influences the present just as much as the past”; a quote by Nietzsche that we seek to make our own in our day-to-day work, aware that today we are the fruit of what we were, but at the same time, with the ambition of starting to be what we will become.